Welcome to BHL

At BHL you will meet highly experienced auditors and accountants in a broad, professional environment. We set up a qualified team that will best serve your interests as a client. You will have direct contact with a responsible partner and will have the opportunity to work closely with an appointed auditing and accounting team at all levels.

Expertise, quality and service is our motto, and these are the hallmarks we provide to you as a client.

"Ethical values and high competence

are the basic cornerstones that create

security and trust for our clients, owners

and the surrounding world"

For more information, we recommend the following web pages:


  • Altinn.no - Norwegian public reporting portal (English)

  • Toll.no - Costoms (English)

  • Regnskap Norge - The Norwegian Association of Authorised Accountants (English)

  • Den norske revisorforening - The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants (English)

  • The 2016 Fiscal Budget - Government.no (English)


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